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What is the Zion Vision for Ministry?

For many years, Zion Lutheran Church has had Memorial and Endowment funds. And now with the creation of the Legacy Society, our goal is to build a $1.0 million dollar Zion Foundation.


The Foundation will receive various types of gifts, creating a resource of funds to help our congregation achieve its mission and purpose, as outlined in the Constitution, Bylaws and Long Range Plan.


The Legacy Society is a new Zion group of persons who have named or who have given over $1,000 as a special gift to Zion Church in their will, estate, or other document.


Funds received by the Foundation are kept separate as between the Memorial and Endowment funds. Only earnings from the Endowment funds are to be used for special needs or programs. The Memorial funds can use both principal and earnings as specified by the donor for special needs. Earnings from both funds can also be used to fund general needs of Zion.


Who manages the Endowment Funds? Funds for Zion Vision for Ministry program are invested and managed by two separate five member committees. These members are approved annually at the Annual Meeting. The Senior Pastor is a member of both committees.


Why the $1.0 Million Foundation Goal?

The establishment of a $1.0 million Endowment would insure the permanent continuation of Zion Lutheran Church’s many programs. The earnings alone from such a fund would support programs that have historically been under funded, or supported by deficit financing, or funded from generous one time gifts. The need for consistent and assured funding is key to effective planning and delivery of our many ministries.


What funds make up the Foundation’s programs?

The program consists of four separate and distinct funds:

  • The General Fund, for all gifts that are not specifically designated to a special interest area. We hope this will be the largest fund.
  • The Properties Fund, for the extraordinary maintenance and the improvement of the congregation’s facilities, expansion, and property acquisition.
  • The Outreach Fund, for those ministries that reach out beyond the ongoing programs of Zion congregation.
  • The Special Fund, for those donors who have a particular intent for the use of their gift.

How can members and friends give to the Foundation programs?

The following methods might be considered:

  • Make an outright cash donation
  • Make a particular ministry a beneficiary of your will.
  • Make a donation of property or securities, such as: Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, IRA, or other Retirement Accounts. Donors could receive an income tax deduction for the current market value of property or securities donated, depending upon the type of gift.
  • Make the program one of your beneficiaries of a life insurance policy or annuities. Establishing a new life insurance policy with the church as owner and beneficiary of the contract is another option. Your premiums are a tax deduction as a gift to the church.
  • Establish a Charitable Trust. Specific trust instruments can be designed to accomplish an individual’s charitable goals. Legal counsel is strongly advised when establishing a Trust.

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