2021 Church Council Officers

President - Jane Lightcap

Vice-President - Ron Simmons

Treasurer -James Rasch

Secretary - Ruth Larson

Pastor: Michael E. Thomas 

Council Members 

Jeff Carlson (Financial Secretary), Charmaine Logwood, Gary Fulkerson, Torg Hallin, Jolyn Hess (Recording Secretary), Jane Lightcap, Ruth Larson, James Rasch, Kathy Hand, Ann Harkabus,  Linda Reinhardt, Ron Simmons, Pastor Michael Thomas, and Nancy Warden.


Standing Committee Leadership


4-H: Betsy Carlson

Altar Guild Chair: 

Archives Committee Chair: Margaret Hallin

Building & Grounds Committee Co-Chairs:  Torg Hallin and Gary Fulkerson  

Capital Fund Appeal Co-Chairs: Torg Hallin, Linda Reinhardt

Discipleship Team Chair: Nancy Warden and Linda Reinhardt

Endowment Committee Chair: Richard Reinhardt

Evangelism Team Co-Chairs: Kathy Hand 

Fellowship Team Chair: Ruth Larson

Finance Committee Chair: James Rasch, Ron Simmons, and Nancy Warden

Memorial Committee Chair: Mary Shore

Men’s Ministry Committee Chair: Richard Reinhardt

Mission's Team Co-Chairs: Betty Morgan, Ruth Larson and Ann Harkabus

Multi-Cultural Committee Co-Chairs: Jane Lightcap, Ron Simmons, and Charmaine Logwood

Prayer Ministry Committee Co-Chairs: Judy Lindstrom, and Kathy Hand

Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs: Richard Reinhardt and Gary Fulkerson

Women of Zion Chair: Sue Drilling

Worship Team: Pastor Michael Thomas 


(italics are 2021 Council Members) 

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